Kenji Ito

CFO Brain®


ITO CPA Office


Expertise: CFO Support, International Taxation, Financial Reporting, anagement Accounting 

Industry : Telecommunication, IT, Software, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare

Region: Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, United States


An expert supporting extremely busy CFO of foreign companies. CFO Brain support CFO to resolve various issues given by headquarter management, external auditors, internal auditors, tax authorities, etc. Over 25 years' experiences in controller of foreign companies, in-house tax expert, auditing firms, etc. Our clients are mainly foreign-affiliated IT and medical companies.

After working for International Department of Audit Corporation and Tax Department of a mega bank, he was headhunted as international tax expert by Japan CFO of a foreign-affiliated pharmaceutical company. After acquisition of the company, the Japan CFO and his boss of tax department at global headquarters retired and he started his own CPA firm.

He was active in projects such as CFO adviser of foreign-affiliated company, M&A, corporate valuation, internal control documentation, US GAAP conversion of mega bank, etc. After Lehman shock, he was headhunted by German CFO of Japanese corporation of foreign-owned software company and returned to in-house accounting expert. He took lead in centralization of accounting function to shared service center as head of accounting for Japan. The CFO highly evaluated completion of the project on time due to immediate action immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake and he was honored as the "Employee of the Quarter" in the Asia Pacific region.

After he joined another foreign-affiliated IT company, he established accounting function of a newly established Asian subsidiaries as an international controller, which had been long outstanding issue of the Japan CFO, in a short period of time by outsourcing to local accounting firms.

Immediately after he restarted his own CPA firm, the CFO of the company asked him "Please continue support of Asian subsidiary's accounting" and he started activities as CFO Brain.

He shares the troubles of the CFO and the accounting finance department and set up an accounting firm specializing in CFO support in Bay Area, Minato-ku, Tokyo based on work experience solving various problems.

He started CFO support specialist team consisting of CFO Brain® and Senior Accountants (SA). Hands-on CFO support service with high cost performance has gained popularity as "the most reliable foreign-affiliated CFO support team in Japan" from CFOs and controllers of foreign companies. We are steadily carrying out daily activities to lead foreign companies to succeed in the Japanese market, attract new investment into Japan and to revitalize the Japanese economy.


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CFOブレイン  伊東 賢治 
伊東公認会計士事務所 所長
関与業界 : 通信・IT・ソフトウェア・メディカル・製薬・ヘルスケア



Miyuki Ito


プレゼン資料作成、セミナー・イベント企画・事務局 担当



㈱オリエンタルランド 商品開発部シニアデザイナーとして6年間勤務後

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