Remote Accountant


Highly motivative accountants working remotely for clients together with CFO Brain professional team  


As a core member of CFO Brain team"Remote Accountant" will contribute to operational improvements and efficiencies and make business changes happen. 





Accounting Services (AS) 


Remote Accountant provide accounting services remotely for our client to fully satisfy their specific demand.  

  1. Account Payable (AP)
  2. Account Receivable (AR)
  3. Inventory management 
  4. Fixed Assets (FA) management
  5. Payroll
  6. Cash Management 
  7. Monthly & Annual Closing




1. 買掛金管理

2. 売掛金管理

3. 在庫管理

4. 固定資産管理

5. 給与計算

6. 資金管理

7. 月次決算、年次決算


Why our Remote Accountant is the best choice for your Japan business ?

  • Remote Accountants are accustomed to work from home and remote accounting work. 
  • Chief Accountant (CA) can provide bilingual (Japanese & English) accounting service.
  • Chief Accountant (CA) is backed up by professional team of CFO Brain® who have wealth of global business experiences.
  • ITO CPA Office is a member firm of TKC National Federation.  We can cope with corporate tax filing, tax audit and deferred tax accounting. 
  • Accounting service is provided only when you need. You do not need to increase your head count. 




  • 在宅勤務、リモートワークに対応できる
  • バイリンガル(英語、日本語)の経理支援サービス
  • グローバルビジネス実務経験豊富なCFOブレイン®チームによりバックアップされている
  • 伊東公認会計士事務所はTKC全国会の会員事務所なので税務申告、税務調査、税効果会計にも対応できる
  • 社内のヘッドカウントを増やさず、必要な時だけ活用できる










The TKC National Federation ("TKCNF") is the largest group of certified public tax accountants in Japan; it aspires to achieve just taxation and contribute to the ongoing prosperity of its clients.