Small Business M&A for accelerated growth of your Japan business


We can support you to acquire small business for the accelerated growth of your Japan business. We established Small Business M&A Center to make successful M&A deals for our client. Our experienced team of CFO Brain® is ready for you to support getting into Japanese market through friendly M&As.

  • Supporting to acquire Japanese Small Business
  • New entry to Japanese market by Small Business M&A
  • Accelerated growth in Japanese operations by Small Business M&A

Batonz is a comprehensive M&A support service with one of the largest track records in Japan.

We offer expert support at an inexpensive fee that anyone can afford, making it safe and secure and closing at an overwhelmingly fast pace. The firm is an approved Batonz estate succession advisor.


日本ビジネスの成長を加速させるためにスモールビジネスM&Aを支援することができます。 クライアントがM&Aを成功させるためにスモールビジネスM&Aセンターを設立しました。経験豊富な CFO Brain®チームは、友好的M&Aを通じて日本市場への参入を支援する準備を整えています

  • 日本のスモールビジネスM&A支援
  • スモールビジネスM&Aによる日本市場への新規参入
  • スモールビジネスM&Aによる日本ビジネスの成長を加速

AIMOVA G.K. , a group company of ITO CPA Office, operates Small Business M&A Center as a member firm of Nihon M&A Association. 




Nihon M&A Center 






Certified Organization Supporting Management Innovation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

ITO CPA Office supports small business management as Certified Organization Supporting Management Innovation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

We will support creating business plan, monitoring business activities, raising funds, application for various subsidies, utilization of preferential taxation system, etc. in order to enhance value of small business.