Small Business M&A

Foreign companies can use small business mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to achieve rapid growth in the Japanese market. Small business M&A enables foreign companies to overcome language and cultural barriers by acquiring Japanese companies with established networks and brand recognition. This strategy also shortens the period from market entry to business establishment, allowing companies to gain a competitive advantage and capture market share. Small business M&A is a powerful strategy for accelerating growth in the Japanese market, particularly for foreign companies doing business in Japan.


Team CFO Brain can support you in acquiring small businesses to accelerate the growth of your business in Japan. Team CFO Brain facilitate successful M&A deals for our clients. 

Team CFO Brain is ready to help you enter the Japanese market through friendly M&As.


Our services include the following:

  • Support for acquiring Japanese small businesses
  • New market entry through small business M&A in Japan
  • Accelerated growth of your Japanese operations through small business M&A

Batonz is a comprehensive M&A support service with one of the largest track records in Japan.

We offer expert support at an inexpensive fee that anyone can afford, making it safe and secure and closing at an overwhelmingly fast pace. The firm is an approved Batonz estate succession advisor.







  • 日本のスモールビジネスM&A支援
  • 日本のスモールビジネスM&Aによる新規市場参入
  • スモールビジネスM&Aによる日本におけるビジネスの成長の加速

Team CFO Brain supports small business mergers and acquisitions (M&A) using the Batonz platform, a comprehensive M&A support service with the largest number of successful deals in Japan. Batonz provides expert support at affordable rates, ensuring a safe and speedy transaction process. 


Team CFO Brain propose a strategy for accelerating growth through small business mergers and acquisitions (M&A) for foreign companies. Team CFO Brain G.K. continues to support small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) M&A as a registered M&A support agency with the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency. Our commitment to assisting foreign companies in achieving their business goals through strategic small business M&A remains steadfast. We are dedicated to providing optimal support and guidance throughout the entire M&A process, from initial planning to post-merger integration, to ensure successful outcomes for our clients. 




M&A支援機関登録制度 (


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Certified Support Agency for Business Innovation

Certified Support Agency for Business Innovation is an organization that supports the management innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and it can be used by foreign companies. Through this system, foreign companies can promote more strategic initiatives, such as business improvement and the development of new businesses, thereby enhancing their competitiveness. Foreign companies can also build closer business relationships with small and medium-sized enterprises, including collaboration and technology transfer.


ITO CPA Office supports small business management as a Certified Support Agency for Business Innovation. We provide support for cash flow creation and corporate value improvement in small businesses, including creating business plans, monitoring business activities, fundraising, applying for various subsidies, and utilizing preferential tax systems.


For more information on the Certified Support Agency for Business Innovation, please visit the website of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.