CFO Brain® Business Partner

In order to develop global business in Japan, ITO CPA Office seeks for business partner who can provide professional services to global companies as CFO Brain® while forming an alliance by leveraging strengths and growing together with good cooperation. If you are interested alliance with us as CFO Brain®, please contact us.


The following professional are highly welcome. 

  1. Professional with experiences in accounting and finance in global companies
  2. Professional with experiences in human resources in global companies
  3. Professional with experiences in legal in a global company
  4. Professional with experiences in global business (certified public accountants, certified public tax accountants, lawyers, patent attorneys, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, certified social labor insurance consultant, small and medium-sized enterprise management consultant, U.S. CPA etc.)
  5. Those who can work in Tokyo

CFOブレイン® ビジネスパートナー募集



  1. グローバル企業における経理財務のプロフェッショナル経験者
  2. グローバル企業における人事労務のプロフェッショナル経験者
  3. グローバル企業における法務のプロフェッショナル経験者
  4. グローバルビジネスの経験豊富な士業(公認会計士、税理士、弁護士、弁理士、司法書士、行政書士、社会保険労務士、中小企業診断士、U.S.CPA 等)
  5. 東京都内で勤務できる方