Join our team of Accountants


Let's enjoy accounting works with our team of Accountants ! 


CFO Brain and our team of Accountants work together as one team to provide solutions to your accounting challenges.

Our team of accountants work in one team with CFO Brain to solve problems. To do so, experience in accounting, English, and business manners will be highly appreciated.

We teach offensive and defensive accounting to our external accountants.

If the accounting skills you have developed are appreciated, you will find your job rewarding.

Want to work in our office as an immediate helper?






●Required Skills


1. computer skills (Excel, Word, accounting software experience (any kind))

2. bookkeeping level 2 or above, or 5 years of experience in accounting

3. I like English, and I can understand English words for foreign accounting.


●The following people are especially welcome.


1. foreign accounting experience who is accustomed to working from home and telecommuting

2. have a business level of Japanese and English

3. have practical experience in accounting, payroll, accounting and tax preparation

4. have a tax accountant or U.S.CPA.

5. experience in an accounting firm.


●Regardless of age or gender.

●Salary will be decided upon interview.


●Job Description

In this role, you will work as a member of the CFO Brain team (currently telecommuting) to help improve the accounting of a foreign company.

Unlike accounting dispatch, you will be responsible for multiple clients.



Treatment is determined by the level of difficulty of the work you can do.

Employment insurance system available

Bonuses will be given if the employee works for more than 6 months (no bonus for less than 6 months)

2 days off a week (depending on the client)

Summer and winter vacations are available, and paid holidays are available.


●If you are interested in an interview, please click here to apply.

We will get back to you shortly.

⇒Apply for a job interview


●What to bring to the interview

①Resume (Japanese)

②Curriculum vitae (either in Japanese or English)

③Identity verification documents (driver's license, etc.)

④Self-introduction in English (Japanese for foreign nationals)




1. パソコンスキル(エクセル・ワード・会計ソフト経験(種類問わず)

2. 簿記3級以上、または経理実務経験5年以上

3. 英語が好きである・外資系経理英単語がわかる



1. 在宅勤務、テレワークに慣れている外資系経理経験者

2. 日本語・英会話がビジネスレベルの方

3. 経理業務、給与計算、決算、税務申告の実務経験をお持ちの方

4. 税理士・U.S.CPAをお持ちの方

5. 会計事務所経験者














夏・冬休みあり 有給休暇制度あり










②職務経歴書(日本語・英語 どちらでも可)