CFO Brain ®

  • CFO Brain® work together with Japan CFO and Controller and contribute to create cash flow from Japan business for our client.
  • Team of CFO Brain ® consist of professionals in accounting and finance of global business.
  • CFO Brain ® provide solutions and build system that works for your Japan business to create cash flow. 

Trademark rights of CFO Brain® is reserved by ITO CPA Office. 



  • CFOブレイン®は日本CFOおよびコントローラーとともに働き、クライアントの日本ビジネスからキャッシュフローを創出するために貢献します。
  • CFOブレイン®のチームは、グローバルビジネスの経理財務プロフェッショナルにより構成されています。
  • 日本ビジネスの課題を解決し、キャッシュフローを創出する仕組みを構築します。

*「CFOブレイン®」及び「CFO Brain®」は伊東公認会計士事務所の登録商標です

Management Advisory Services (MAS)

We provide management advisory services for CFO and Controllers of foreign companies with our expertise in the following area.
  1. Budgeting & Forecasting
  2. Business Plan
  3. Capital Budgeting
  4. Mergers & Acquisitions
  5. Business Valuation 
  6. Equity & Debt Financing 
  7. Financial Reporting
  8. Financial Analysis
  9. Risk Management
  10. Internal Control

Tax Advisory Services (TAS)

We provide tax advisory services for CFO and Controllers with our expertise in the following area
1. Tax planning 
2. Transfer Pricing 
3. Deferred Tax Accounting 
Our tax professional team provide tax compliance services for our client to fully satisfy their specific demands. 
1. Corporate income taxes (national & local)
2. Consumption tax (Value Added Tax in Japan)
3. Depreciable fixed asset tax
4. Business premises tax



  1. 予算管理、業績予測
  2. 事業計画
  3. 設備投資計画
  4. M&A 
  5. 企業価値評価
  6. 資金調達
  7. 財務報告
  8. 財務分析
  9. リスクマネジメント
  10. 内部統制



1. タックスプランニング

2. 移転価格

3. 税効果会計



1. 法人税、地方税

2. 消費税

3. 償却資産税

4. 事業所税


Why our team of CFO Brain® is the best choice for your Japan business ?

  • Team of accounting and finance professionals who have wealth of practical experiences in foreign companies in Japan
  • CFO Brain® provide solutions and build systems that works for your Japan business to create cash flow. 
  • We can address Japan specific accounting and tax issues both in Japanese and English. 
  • We can provide strategic tax advise from CFO viewpoint on top tax compliance services.  


  • 外資系企業での実務経験豊富な会計財務専門家のチーム
  • CFOブレイン®のチームが日本ビジネスの課題を解決しキャッシュフローを創出するための仕組みを構築
  • 日本特有の会計や税務に関する専門的な議論も日本語と英語で対応
  • 税務コンプライアンスだけではなく、CFOの視点からの税務戦略アドバイスができる

Contact with CFO Brain®

You can consult with or ask questions to CFO Brain® directly. It is strictly confidential.  

  1. Company name, department, phone number, e-mail address 
  2. Your name 
  3. Question or issue you would like to consult with CFO Brain®

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